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Where the analysts, associates, VPs and directors live in London

London is not a cheap place to live. If you want to live at swanky address in a prime location like Knightsbridge or South Kensington, you can expect to spend £33k+ ($48k) in rent. Junior bankers may be well paid, but they’re not that well paid. Unsurprisingly, therefore, junior bankers are far more likely to live in the cheaper areas of London […]

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‘Survival money’ in the City of London? A lot less than it used to be

Attitudes to money in the City of London are changing. Where once seven figures were seen as barely enough to get by, today’s analysts and associates have much more modest expectations than their predecessors. They’re also much better at living on a budget. “In ten years’ time, I’d hope my net worth to be more than £250k,” says one first year […]

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The hot new hedge fund hiring Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse traders

Eisler Capital, the hot $1bn macro hedge fund unveiled by ex-Goldman Sachs partner turned philanthropist Edward Eisler, is go. It’s just been given the thumbs up by the UK regulator and a number of former senior traders have signed up to be in Eisler’s orbit. Jonathan Hall, a former partner and head of U.S. interest rates products at Goldman Sachs […]

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Senior bankers in London have this big problem

It’s now a month since the senior manager’s regime came into effect in the City of London. If you’re one of the 250 “senior managers” signed up to the new rules, you need to think very hard about how you’re going to change the behaviours of the people reporting to you. Under the new regime, you will need to show […]

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Here’s who really works for Goldman Sachs in London

Goldman Sachs has produced a report for Goldman Sachs International, its London-based business, in 2015. As well as confirming that pay per head at the London office is still higherthan pay at Goldman Sachs globally (around $400k on average in London, compared to $296k on average globally), the report shows who works in London exactly. Goldman’s 6,149 London employees are […]

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Trader in London? Paris is calling. Or not

HSBC is threatening to move 1,000 of its investment banking jobs to Paris if the UK exits the European Union. It’s not the only one – Goldman Sachs has also intimated that it might move thousands of jobs out of London if the UK exits the EU, with Paris or Frankfurt among the likely destinations. Needless to say, however, there are […]

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Senior banking salaries in London must rise by £200k, soon

The worst has happened. As feared, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has passed judgement on banks’ use of ‘fixed allowances’ to dodge the European bonus cap, and its judgement is not good. You can read the full EBA document for yourself here. It says that banks have done their best to use allowances as a replacement for bonuses and that […]

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A typical day of a Chinese portfolio manager in London

Chinese nationals working as portfolio managers covering Asian stocks from London is an increasingly common vocation. Covering Asia from the UK is not easy, considering the completely different timezone, so how do they do this? We spoke to a Chinese fund manager who’s worked in the City for over 10 years. This is his typical day. 8-8:30am: I arrive in […]

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Why London hedge fund managers don’t do Switzerland

For hedge fund traders, moving from London to Switzerland should have been a no-brainer. The mountains are high, the taxes are low, the air is cleaner and, if annual surveys are to be believed, the quality of life is far superior. But five years on, the experiment to lure top hedge fund trading talent from London to Switzerland is starting […]

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Meet J.P. Morgan’s 2015 analyst class

J.P. Morgan’s 2015 graduate hires are now in situ in London. Based on our random sample listed below, it looks a lot like the bank has a type: juniors at J.P. Morgan in Europe need to have excellent academics. It helps to be privately educated and to have a long list of previous internships. Unusual extracurricular activities won’t go amiss […]

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