Work It: 3 fun spots to try out a new workshop in Tel Aviv

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Fun spots to try out a new workshop in Tel Aviv


Makers Café

Ran Lotan, one of the owners of Makers Café on Mazeh, came from the world of biotech, worked as a gardener for a while and was looking for an opportunity to put his knowledge and experience to good use in the big city. He met Shai Kimiager, an owner of Citizen Café on Montefiore, and Shelly Besor, an interior designer, and they joined forces and expertise areas together to build a community café and plant shop in Tel Aviv’s heart, a refuge in more ways than one. A wide, dusty-pink, rococo-style couch stretches in front of the entrance; on a red mini record player spins a record with a tiny succulent atop, playing funky reggae and swing versions of pop tunes; plants big and small are stocked and spread throughout and even hang from the ceiling. A variety of green shades flood the area, matching Ran’s t-shirt that he wears while pouring coffee from behind the counter. Makers Café serves cold and hot drinks, along with cookies, pastries, and sandwiches.

The crowd here varies from hard-working students and freelancers to friends of all ages who found this small Zen haven blocking out Allenby Street’s cacophony while still keeping their cozy neighborhood vibe. All plants in the house are for sale, and the owners, who personally staff the Café themselves, will teach you how to care for them. To add that extra touch of soul, there are also workshops, lectures, and shows held several times a week. A schedule is on Makers Café’s website, Facebook page, and at the spot itself. From a natural skincare workshop, to talks about the female body, and to new economy trends, you can have coffee and get some education on the side at Makers.

Makers Café, 4 Mazeh St, Tel Aviv

Hamelaha Printmakers Workshop

Hamelaha Printmakers Workshop is a print studio and a cultural center for art and design. The Workshop vision is to preserve, develop, and improve traditional techniques of manual printing. By bringing both the public and artists alike closer to the world of manual printmaking, they hope to revive interest in the craft. Attracting artists from Israel and the world, the workshops function as a teaching center for printmaking, offering a variety of courses and workshops, gallery exhibitions, and special events. The studio in south Tel Aviv prints manually from screens on every kind of paper and textile, meticulously ensuring each print job is the finest possible quality. You can not only get your design screen-printed by professionals, but may also take classes and workshops to learn how to print yourself, using traditional manual printing techniques. There are even private studios available for rent, equipped with all the tools and materials needed for creating artworks. If you aren’t feeling so crafty but still want some really cool handmade prints, Hamelaha offers unique pieces of art on paper and textiles for purchase.

In April and May workshops on Cyanotype printing are offered, a technique using sunlight to develop an image (April 5, 12:00-14:30 and May 3, 12:00-14:30); a Shibori workshop teaching a variety of Japanese painting techniques (April 21, 10:00-13:00); and a Screen-Printing Marathon Workshop for participants to learn step-by-step the art of screenprinting (5 hours, flexible dates by telephone registration).

Hamelaha Printmakers Workshop, 15 Y.L. Peretz St, Tel Aviv

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