Algo trader who invented a coding language gets all the best jobs

If you’re an algorithmic trader, and you’re interested in breaking out of algo trading and working for, say, Amazon or Facebook, Jason Tatton appears to have the answer: you just need to invent your own coding language.

Tatton is the ex-JPMorgan FX automated trading strategist who left in 2017 to work on his own coding language – Concurnas. 

Tatton told us at the time that Concurnas was born of his revelation that day-to-day engineering problems at JPMorgan were centered around building reliable scalable high performance distributed concurrent systems.”Concurnas has been engineered to be an easy to program language, just like Python – but better,” Tatton said. “Concurnas runs on Java – this way it offers the incredible performance of Java and use of all the existing free Java based software that’s available.” It also offers support for the ‘domain specific languages’ (DSLs) which inevitably get built into trading systems as developers invent their own nomenclature for describing a trading problem. “This is unusual – few programming languages offer any DSL support,” Tatton added. 

It’s not clear that Concurnas has actually taken off. – Julia is probably a better language to learn if you’re looking for something obscure to add to your repertoire. 

However, inventing the language seems to have done wonders for Tatton’s CV. – Three years after leaving JPM he got a job working on Amazon’s open Java Coretto product. Now, he’s moved again to Facebook’s popular ads machine learning team in London. 

Tatton didn’t respond to a request to comment on his new job or Concurnas, but other algo traders who have time to develop their own coding language on the side might want to take note. 

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