Boston Consulting Group partners earned $1.7m last year

How much would you earn if you left banking and joined Boston Consulting Group in London? And how high would your salary be if you stayed long enough to make partner?

Accounts filed by The Boston Consulting Group LLP in London suggest the consultancy firm pays well if you reach the highest ranks. 

For the year ending March 2021, BCG had 81 partners in London. It paid them an average of £1.2m ($1.7m) each, up from an average £944k the previous year.  

By comparison, the average member of BCG’s other 989 London staff earned £132k last year, a 6% increase on 2020.

BCG’s notable generosity to its London partners and moderate generosity to its London employees comes after its UK revenues increased 42% to £573m in 2020. Profits for distribution between partners increased from £97m to £165m over the same period.

If you aspire to a piece of the BCG action, you will be pleased to hear that the consultancy firm is hiring. It added nine new partners and 23 other staff in the UK last year. 

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