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Scammers’ Delight

Cybercriminals seldom rest, always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit—and now they’re increasingly targeting private commercial transactions in what’s known as a business email compromise attack (BEC). In such a breach, a cybercriminal infiltrates a company’s email system and poses as […]

The Buyout Brigade

A decade after a punishing global recession—and amid concern that public markets’ extraordinary froth is at last beginning to subside—the space in which private equity operates seems especially roomy and comfortable. Taking full advantage is Goodmans, the renowned Toronto transactions […]

Equity Matters

Managing intellectual property’s 2019 survey on diversity in IP, as well as the American Bar Association’s recent report, Walking Out the Door: The Facts, Figures, and Future of Experienced Women Lawyers in Private Practice, confronted the legal industry with some deeply […]

Unwanted Advances

The emergence of the #MeToo movement has finally given sexual assault and abuse cases the public attention they so richly deserve. Victims, for their part, are bringing more cases into the civil courts against both the perpetrator of the abuse and the […]